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(The Cougars and Cubs Series, Book 3)

Within the luxe confines of an elite gym, where the city's most affluent come to sculpt their bodies and perhaps their social images, Giovanni Marconi reigns as the golden boy. With his hypnotic physique and a charm that outshines the gleam of the polished weights he lifts, Giovanni is not just a personal trainer—he is the embodiment of aspiration. Amidst the hum of treadmills and the clink of dumbbells, he's honing his own body to perfection, his sights set unswervingly on the grandeur of the Mr. Olympia competition. But even as he's surrounded by the trappings of success and the adulation of those who seek to mirror his physical prowess, Giovanni is about to discover that the heart's yearnings can't be tamed by discipline and strength alone.

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Hello, I’m GiGi!

I love writing. I love telling stories. I love trying to figure people out. It's all about peeling back the emotional layers, navigating the ups and downs of love, and stitching together stories that pulse with passion and sizzle with desire. My characters? They're raw, real, and ready to find their other half. It's not just a story, it's an experience—one that hopefully will leave your heart racing and your body craving more!

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(The Cañon Series, Book 4)
Releasing 4/1/24

Leaving behind a shadowy past marred by a drug-addicted mother, her mother's abusive drug dealer boyfriend, and the torment of a truck driver exploiter named Rick, Isla Frank is bound for the vibrant lights of New York City as a new fashion design school student with the love and support of her adopted dads.


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(The Cougars and Cubs Series, Book 4)

Releasing 7/1/24

In the pulsating heart of Atlanta's hip-hop scene, Kadus Yacob's dreams throb with ambition until one event sends him spiraling. Fleeing from a brush with the law, he finds himself in the vibrant chaos of Houston's art world, right in the path of Rebecca "Bex" Hartley.

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