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Press Kit

Welcome to my press kit for those wanting to know more.You can find my bio, photos, and media sheet below. 

Author Interview

Sunday Spotlight | By D.L. Lewellyn

I have been looking forward all summer to my conversation with this amazing romance author.


GiGi Meier not only has three sizzling hot standalone novels in her Cañon Series that I’m enjoying, but she is a tireless supporter of indie authors.


Let’s Go Live! with GiGi Meier is an exciting prospect for any writer. I got to join her there Thursday and it was a blast!

GiGi Meier interview with Dana Tyson of Sunny 99.1

Author Interview with Dana Tyson 

Sunny 99.1 and iHeart Radio Dana Tyson Podcast

Houston Broadcasting legend, Dana Tyson of Sunny 99.1 and the Dana Tyson Podcast sat down with romance author, GiGi Meier to talk about her romantic suspense novel, Coyote.

Although the novel is a dark romance, it touches on critical and sensitive issues affecting women across the globe. Sensitive subjects such as trafficking, abuse, cruelty and more.

Listen to the interview to hear how she researched the subject manner, met with survivors, discusses how trauma manifests differently by person and how one can help support these victims.


Author Interview and Book Review

by Maddy's Blog l

What inspired your last novel?

I’m often asked where I came up with the idea for this book. To be honest, the first half of the opening scene was a dream. It was me blazing across the desert trying to rescue the girls.

From there, I asked myself a series of questions. What if she sees a building in the distance? What kind of building is it? What if it’s abandoned? What if it’s not? Who would be there? Who is more powerful than the people chasing her? Will the person occupying the building help her? And from there, the story begins.
Coyote by GiGi Meier
Author GiGi Meier Headshot.JPG

Author Interview 

Cape & Castle Blog | By Sarah Cudlipp

We have read and loved GiGi Meier’s debut novel, Coyote, which you can read our review of here!

But now we got the opportunity to have a fun chat with the author and get to know her a bit more.


If you haven’t checked out her novel yet, be sure to do so! You can purchase it here!


We already knew she was pretty awesome, but after interacting with her and getting to interview her, she’s even more incredible. So keep reading to check out our interview! 

Image by Henry Be
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