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The Cougars and Cubs Series 💋

Indulge in the sizzling world of reverse age-gap romance with my captivating Cougars and Cubs series! Come along on an electrifying journey through the thrilling and passionate love stories of confident, mature women and irresistibly charming younger men. This series is a delightful blend of romance, desire, and undeniable chemistry that will leave your heart racing and your body begging for more.

Paolo cover - redesigned.png


Paolo is a steamy, reverse age-gap, forced proximity, multicultural couple, office romance.

Sebastian Cover.jpg


Sebastian is a naughty, opposites attract, he falls first, holiday romance.


Giovanni Cover.jfif


Giovanni is a New Year resolutions, health and fitness, protector, alpha male, good girl, multicultural romance.

Kadus Cover.png


Kadus Yacob's dreams throb with ambition until one event sends him spiraling.

The Cañon Series

Immerse yourself in the captivating Cañon Series, where exhilarating unexpected romances intertwine with intense and dark drama, weaving a tantalizing tale of love, conflict, and redemption. Experience the intense, emotion-driven journeys of complex characters overcoming adversity and finding love in unforeseen places. This series masterfully blends passion, challenge, and transformative relationships that will leave you spellbound and yearning for more.

Tomlin_EB Vertical and Final (1).jpg


Tomlin is a single POV, slow burn, enemies-to-almost lovers, forced proximity romance containing dark themes.

Takahashi_EB Vertical and Final (1).jpg


A full-length novel with a happily ever after, friends-to-lovers, forced proximity romance containing dark themes.



Hamilton is a single POV, second chance, childhood friends, small town, cop/hero romance containing dark themes.



Isla is a single POV, age-gap, damsel in distress, forbidden love, enemies-to-lovers romance containing dark themes.

Content Warnings: The Cañon Series has triggering content, including domestic violence, molestation, sexual assault, prostitution, abuse, trauma, missing and exploited teenager, suicide, profanity, sex, violence, death, survivor’s guilt, PTSD, and religious subtext.

Standalone Books

In Coyote, Sammie Smith, a brave woman fighting human traffickers, is kidnapped and entangled in a perilous alliance with her ex-lover and drug lord, Maximiliano Maldonado, while navigating a growing bond with her enigmatic new guard, Carlos. The story masterfully blends themes of love, betrayal, and survival against the backdrop of a dangerous criminal underworld.

Coyote_EBook V5 and FINAL.webp


A single POV, action-packed standalone cartel, kidnapped, military hero romantic suspense novel containing dark themes.

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