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The Canon Series


Growing up in a male-dominated world and restoring classic cars, Dani Winters is hardened by life and its disappointments. Abandoned by her mom as a child and raised by her dad in an apartment above the repair shop, Dani is used to watching the success of others with every vintage car she restores.

Tomlin Takahashi, a three-time Olympian, and world-renowned Judo champion meet his match in Dani Winters after she refuses to take on his car preservation project. Used to winning in life, he does not like being rejected and sets out to change her mind. Whatever the cost.

Dani despises men flashing their money to get their way. When Tomlin Takahashi breaks her best friend's heart and walks in months later, wanting to jump the line on her year- long restoration waitlist, it brings out the worst in her.

Tomlin is Book One of a Duet. A full-length novel with no cliffhangers but Dani and Tomlin's story continues in Book Two.

​It is an enemies-to-lover, slight age gap, forced proximity romance containing dark themes.

Tomlin enemies-to-lovers romance
Content Warning: Tomlin has triggering content, including molestation, sexual assault, missing and exploited teenager, suicide, profanity, sex, violence and death. 

Readers are loving Tomlin

"Oh my, I loved this book! It’s been a hot minute since I found myself invested in a characters story and begging for the slow burn to move faster, but I flat out yelled at Dani and Tomlin in this book. Dani’s character- she’s crazy independent, mouthy, with street smarts for days, but she’s also a little broken from her fathers death. She has a vulnerability to her that she hides beneath her sailors mouth and her double D’s. Tomlin- the two bonus scenes from his POV at the end gave me the greatest insight to his character because he seems so indecisive throughout, like he’s afraid of making a commitment. He’s rich, strong, and smart, but he’s afraid of being hurt. The supporting characters!!!! Anna, Isla, Hamilton, Eli, Lars. I LOVE them. I feel like they are Dani’s found family and I can’t wait to see more of them in the second book. 10/10 would recommend!" Robyn., Goodreads ★★★★★

"I absolutely loved this book. For me, It is their constant banter that I find absolutely hilarious. The sexual tension is just their hanging out in the open for everyone to see but them. There are also some deeper more heartfelt moments when they discuss their past traumas, that almost had me in tears. I love Dani's feisty nature. She never backs down from a fight. Tomlin is laid back but is willing to challenge Dani in every confrontation. Quick easy read. I definitely recommend this book. Book #2 release date 4.24.23." Danni N., Goodreads ★★★★★


"I LOVED this book. Thank you again GiGi for letting me discover my new favorite romance! I am so excited for the next release and best believe I'll get the sequel on the day of the release no matter the cost. I need to know how their story progresses." Sarah., Goodreads ★★★★★

"The rich, fully fleshed out characters jump off the pages and into your imagination. Tomlin is full of surprises, it is an unexpected, weird but very addicting story." Di., Goodreads ★★★★★

"The characters are so dynamic and, even though Dani is a difficult person to love, she grew on me. I love her sailor mouth and her willingness to fight for the weak and downtrodden, for anyone who can't fight for themselves. Tomlin, on the other hand, I adored from the start. Excellent writing and great story." Emily., Goodreads ★★★★★

"4.5⭐️ So many awesome characters, our Hero and Heroine, having been through a lot in their young lives, and more keeps getting thrown at them! Most of the side characters are just awesome, and some of them really need a story of their own. I loved the banter that they threw at each other, right from the word go. The chemistry was there, they just denied it all the way through!" Kathy, Ahmazing Book Fairy ★★★★★

"4.5⭐️ I really wanted to give it 5 star but the sexual tension was soo close to being acted on but wasn’t and left ME frustrated 🤣🤣 bring on book2!!!" Kacie W., Goodreads ★★★★

"The ending of this book had me so on edge and I cannot wait for book two to see the continuation of what happens. I loved the bickering, attitude and humor between these two. It all worked so well. There is so much sexual tension throughout this book." Kimmy, Goodreads ★★★★

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