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The Cougars and Cubs Series 💋

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(The Cougars and Cubs Series, Book 2)


In the glittering world of Houston's elite, Chloe Miller, a driven financial analyst with an unbreakable spirit, stands out not for her wealth but for her impeccable fashion sense. Yet behind the façade of success lies a childhood shadowed by poverty, where Christmas was a harsh reminder of what she couldn't afford. Her desire for glamour and a better life led her to build a fortress of designer clothes and accessories, guarding her against the judgment of a world that had once looked down on her. When an invitation to the high-society charity Christmas party hosted by the charismatic heir to immense wealth, Sebastian Agnelli, arrives, Chloe's skepticism mingles with her fear of being judged for her humble beginnings.

Sebastian Agnelli, a playboy with a flamboyant lifestyle, longs for something more meaningful. Haunted by the painful loss of his parents in a plane crash during his college years, he is burdened by wealth he never wanted. Their fateful encounter at the charity event becomes the spark that sets their worlds on a collision course. As the holiday season unfolds, their connection deepens, and the walls they've built around their hearts start to crumble. Chloe's fear of judgment and Sebastian's need for authenticity form a potent mix, challenging them to confront their pasts and insecurities.

As the magic of the holiday season envelops them, Chloe and Sebastian navigate the complexities of love, trust, and transformation. Can they move beyond their fears and pasts to build a future together, defined not by wealth but by the power of authenticity and love?

Sebastian is a heartwarming tale of romance, redemption, and the enchantment of the holiday spirit, where two individuals find that the most precious gifts can't be bought with wealth but are discovered in the depths of the heart.

Sebastian is the second book in The Cougars and Cubs Series and is a connected standalone. It is a steamy, reverse age-gap, opposites attract, Christmas romance.


(The Cougars and Cubs Series, Book 1)


When a weekend fling turns into more...


In the heart of the bustling city, Taylor Woods, a seasoned executive, finds herself engrossed in an impromptu work project at an enchanting bakery, and her life takes an unexpected turn. There, she meets Paolo Cavallaro, a younger man whose magnetic charm draws her in. With a boldness that takes her by surprise, Paolo asks her to dinner that very night. Intrigued by the novelty of being pursued by a younger man, Taylor agrees, leading to a passionate one-night stand that neither can forget.

But when Paolo surprises her with a text inviting her for breakfast the next morning, their chemistry ignites a weekend fling that defies age and expectations. As their whirlwind romance unfolds, they find themselves caught in a corporate scandal that forces them into an unexpected partnership. Together, they set out to unmask the corrupt executives responsible for a possible company's downfall, all while navigating the complexities of their age-gap romance, meet-cute beginnings, and the irresistible pull of desire.

Embark on an exhilarating journey of forbidden romance, corporate scheming, and the unwavering strength of their connection. Follow Taylor and Paolo as their paths unexpectedly converge at a quaint bakery, setting the stage for a romance of undeniable chemistry and steamy encounters.

Can their blossoming love withstand the turmoil of the corporate world, or will the pressures of their demanding lives extinguish the flame of their fateful encounter?

Prepare to be swept away in a tale of romance and intrigue, where love knows no bounds, and passion ignites against all odds.

Paolo is the first book in The Cougars and Cubs Series and is a connected standalone. It is a steamy, age-gap, forced proximity, office romance.

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Paolo is the first book in The Cougars and Cubs Series and is a connected standalone. It is a steamy, reverse age-gap, forced proximity, office romance with pumpkin spice lattes, a macaron obsession and autumn vibes. 
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Within the luxe confines of an elite gym, where the city's most affluent come to sculpt their bodies and perhaps their social images, Giovanni Marconi reigns as the golden boy. With his hypnotic physique and a charm that outshines the gleam of the polished weights he lifts, Giovanni is not just a personal trainer—he is the embodiment of aspiration. Amidst the hum of treadmills and the clink of dumbbells, he's honing his own body to perfection, his sights set unswervingly on the grandeur of the Mr. Olympia competition. But even as he's surrounded by the trappings of success and the adulation of those who seek to mirror his physical prowess, Giovanni is about to discover that the heart's yearnings can't be tamed by discipline and strength alone.


Kacie Yacob is the archetype of relentless ambition, her name a byword for tenacity in the cutthroat corridors of law. In her late thirties, she’s a beacon of success, an assistant district attorney who wields her intellect like a rapier, carving through court cases with a precision that leaves little room for error—or rest. Her office, awash with the soft glow of a desk lamp in the wee hours, is both her battlefield and her sanctuary, a place where take-out containers stack as high as her accomplishments. Yet, the toll of her dedication weighs heavily, not just in the files on her desk, but on the scales—a stark reminder of the thirty pounds accumulated through years of fast-food lunches and take-out dinners. When a health scare sends her world spinning and a diagnosis of high blood pressure and prediabetes written starkly in black and white, Kacie is jolted awake. Faced with the fragility of her own body, she must now confront the necessity of change, the urgency of taking back the reins of her health before it's too late.


When Kacie enters Giovanni's gym with little knowledge of fitness, seeking an expert to guide her through the unfamiliar terrain, she finds not merely a trainer but a collaborator deeply committed to her holistic transformation. Their collaboration commences with her zeal for learning and his dedication to mentorship, evolving into a shared pursuit of fitness, friendship, and mutual adoration.


Giovanni is an endearing romance of body positivity and transformative growth, charting two divergent paths converging towards a shared realization that true strength lies in the harmony of physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Giovanni is the third book in The Cougars and Cubs Series and is a connected standalone. It is a steamy, reverse age gap, new year resolutions, health and fitness, protector, alpha male, opposites attract romance.


(The Cougars and Cubs Series, Book 4)


Where beats and brushstrokes collide to form a colorful love affair...

In the pulsating heart of Atlanta's hip-hop scene, Kadus Yacob's dreams throb with ambition until one event sends him spiraling. Fleeing from a brush with the law, he finds himself in the vibrant chaos of Houston's art world, right in the path of Rebecca "Bex" Hartley.


Bex is a force to be reckoned with—a rockstar by night, leading her band with wild energy, and a bold, defiant artist by day, her murals splashing the city with rebellion, challenging every societal norm.


Kadus, striving to carve his name in the music industry, finds an unexpected muse in Bex, pestering her for help. But Bex is fighting her own war, torn between her art installations, her band’s touring schedule, and her family's conservative expectations, she doesn’t want or need a nagging kid around.  When he steps into her world, a collision of paint, power, and passion ensues, igniting a sizzling connection that neither can deny.


From the underground beats of Atlanta's nightclubs to the colorful splashes of Houston's art district, their connection deepens, painting a love story as passionate and chaotic as Bex's art. Can the rhythm of Kadus's hip-hop beats resonate with the wild pulse of Bex's rock anthems and the vibrant strokes of her artwork, or will it be another one-hit wonder between these two?


Kadus is an electrifying romance that dances across the lines of opposites-attract, blending the raw energy of a hip-hop artist and a punk rock painter. This passionate narrative charts the journey of two unlikely lovers, discovering that true harmony resonates in embracing their differences, melding their disparate worlds of music and art, and igniting a love as vibrant as a mural and as rhythmic as a beat.


Kadus is the fourth book in The Cougars and Cubs Series and is a connected standalone. It is a steamy, reverse age gap, rockstar, hip hop artist, painter and artist, interracial couple, sister’s best friend, opposites attract romance.

Kadus Cover.png
Kadus is the fourth book in The Cougars and Cubs Series and is a connected standalone. It is a steamy, reverse age-gap, forced proximity, office romance with pumpkin spice lattes, a macaron obsession and autumn vibes. 
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